Information - Lpl 7700 Vcce(b&w Mgrade Head)enlarger(6x7cm)

VC-7700 6x7 Variable Contrast Enlarger

Designed for use with today's variable contrast papers, the VC7700 (Variable Contrast Constant Exposure) automatically selects the appropriate filtration for user-specified paper grades. It's two channel lamphouse features separate dials and readouts: one for Kodak Polycontrast paper and one for Ilford Multigrade and compatible papers. A built in neutral density filter is automatically intorduced and retracted from the light path to keep exposure settings constant over the entire range of paper grade settings.



35mm up to 6x7cm.

Baseboard dimensions:

45 x 60cm (18 x 23in)

Column height:

110cm (43in)

Overall height:

125cm (49in) with lamphouse fully raised

Light source:

110W (12V) Quartz Halogen lamp

Power source:

Transformer (12V output)

Electrical input:

Available in 115 and 220V versions


Diffusion via mixing chamber


Dichroic (yellow & magenta)

Automatically regulated.


White light system.

Focus control:

Double rail friction drive

Baseboard magnification:

17.6X (35mm neg and 50mm lens)

8.6X (6x6cm neg and 75mm lens)

Lens mount:

Interchangeable lens boards

From 39 to 53mm

Elevation control:

Counterbalanced chassis,

Over-sized brake knob.

Distortion control:

Lens stage shifts & tilts,

Lamphouse tilts


Approx 16kg (35lb)