Information - Doran Darkroom Exhaust Fan A1212

Ventilation Fans And Louvres

Public health authorities insist on adequate ventilation in buildings yet many darkroom enthusiasts still persist in spending hours in unventilated darkrooms breathing stale air and chemical vapours. The best way to overcome this problem and provide adequate ventilation is to install an exhaust fan in combination with provision for adequate air inflow into the darkroom. It is important to realise that without adequate air inflow the exhaust fan wil be ineffective in much the same way that a vacuum cleaner is when blocked.

If you haven't sufficient air inflow then an intake must be provided. A simple way to make this aperature light proof is to fit a darkroom louvre matched to the capacity of the fan you install. Two models of louvred fans are available from Newdark with matching louvres (as an optional extra) where required for air intake. These units have Australian fans fitted in USA housings and are made of ABS plastic. In some cases the louvres can be used to cover an existing fan.

D68.jpg Model D68 is suitable for a room size up to 6'x8' (1830x2440mm). Matching louvre is model DV99. This model is designed for fitting into a ceiling or wall in a protected area. It is not designed for installation onto exposed walls. If for some reason it has to be fitted onto an exposed area it is absolutely essential that a fully waterproof protection cover box be fabricated and properly fitted.
D68Front.jpg D68Rear.jpg
A1212.jpg Model A1212 is suitable for a room size up to 12'x12' (3660mm square). Matching louvre is model L1212. This versatile model is designed for wall or ceiling installation and by fitting a 150mm pipe or elbow, can be vented to outside areas.
D1212Front.jpg D1212Rear.jpg
By blowing a constant supply of fresh air into the darkroom from the dry side and venting it out above the wet side, the air flow carries the fumes away from the worker.
Examples of Good Ventilation
General Ventilation - for B & W printing with no toning or special processes Local Ventilation - for toning, or alternate processes and colour processing in open trays
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By placing an exhaust fan as close as possible to the chemical area of the wet side, the chemical fumes are immediately  drawn outside
Examples of Bad Ventilation
vent3.JPG vent4.JPG
Any system that pulls fume laden air over the worker should be strictly avoided. If a household ceiling fan is located above the wet side, fumes will be drawn across the worker's face