Information - Lpl 7700 B&w Enlarger (6x7cm W/o Lens)

LPL-7700 Triple Condensor B & W Enlarger

The top of the line condensor enlarger features the same heavy duty construction as its dichronic cousins but with a triple condensor lamphouse that ensures uniform, corner to corner illumination, every time. Unlike other condensor enlargers, the LPL 7700 features a filter drawer above the optical path, avoiding the possibility of image distortion due to warped or flawed colour correction filters. Its lever operated pressure plate keeps even damaged negatives flat in the carrier, further minimising the risk of a less than perfect print.


35mm up to 6x7cm.

Baseboard dimensions:

45 x 60cm (18 x 23in)

Column height:

110cm (43in)

Overall height:

125cm (49in) with lamphouse fully raised

Light source:

75W Opal lamp

Power source:

Line voltage

Electrical input:

Available in 115 and 220V versions


Triple condenser


Filter drawer

Focus control:

Double rail friction drive

Baseboard magnification:

17.6X (35mm neg and 50mm lens)

8.6X (6x6cm neg and 75mm lens)

Lens mount:

Interchangeable lens boards

from 39 to 53mm

Elevation control:

Counterbalanced chassis,

Over-sized brake knob.

Distortion control:

Lens stage shifts & tilts,

Lamphouse tilts


Approx 15kg (33lb)