Newdark Photographic Services

Newdark provide a range of photographic services for local and mail order customers.

  • Passport Photos, Bus and Taxi License Photos etc Details
  • Image scanning service from colour or B&W prints, slides, or negatives. Details
  • Photo restoration using the latest technologies. Details
  • Image to DVD or CD – images from digital camera cards,videos, or scanned images can be burnt to DVD or CD. Details
  • Portrait photography by appointment. Details

Image Scanning

Direct scanning of black and white prints up to A4 size. Larger sizes may be shot on negative film and scanned from the negative.

Scanning from colour or black and white negative or slide film is available for sizes from half frame 35mm to 6x9cm.

Scanned images can then be printed or provided on DVD or CD

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Photo Restoration
  • We have over 30 years experience in copy and restoration of old photographs and using the latest technology.
  • We can do some amazing things with your old photographs:
    • We correct faded images and bring colours back, remove blemishes, repair tears and enhance your photos in many ways.
    • We can remove unwanted people from photos and change backgrounds.
    • We can even add text and other special effects.
  • We provide free quotes after seeing photo.
  • Restored images available as print or digital...

Photos Copied
  • Photos copied e.g.6 x 4 inch (10 x 15 cms) from approximately $5
  • Many prints have technical difficulties and higher prices apply.
  • Enlargements available up to 8 x 12 inch quoted individually.

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Portrait Photography

We take head and shoulder portrait photos of individuals and can supply prints up to 10” x 8” size. Digital techniques allow us to provide a fast service.

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