Video Conversions

We can put just about any image onto DVD or USB at an affordable price

All common formats VHS, Beta, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8mm etc.
Approximately 2 hours fits on a DVD


Up to 1 hr on DVD $29.50
Up to 2hr $47.50
USB File where VHS also supplied $5 each

Other formats

VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV Up to 1hr $33
Up to 2hrs $55
Extra Tapes on a DVD $5 each

Where we record from your video camera, Copy files from video camera Card or HDD $5/GB &$ 20 per 2hr DVD

Prices listed are for conversion of video to DVD or a file type suitable for USB.

We can supply a suitable USB stick for a small additional cost. (e.g. a 16GB USB is around $15 & will hold many hours of video.)


Movie Film

Conversion to video involves $80 base cost & 22¢/ft of film. (e.g. small original Super 8 reels are 50 ft. cost $11 each.)


Slide Collections

Supply of USB drive on a particular job and video files, $15 extra.
Base cost of $16 & $1.10/slide. Slides are scanned, framed & colour restored


DVD - Duplication Service

DVD/CD duplication $10ea Quantity discounts apply
DVD label printing available.
Print from video available.


Family Photo Collections

Prints of all sizes & whole albums can be put on DVD or CD.
$20 base cost & $1.50c/print for good quality 10x15cm prints.
Most odd size prints of up to A4 $2 each.
Prints over A4 can be copied on quote per item basis.


35mm Negs To CD

$16 base cost & $0.75 /neg for strips of 35mm.
Other negative sizes submit for quote.
A DVD will hold around 700 35mm colour images